Choose your words wisely🙋

Speaking of words. Words have the power to reveal our identity. It shows who we actually are?

Give it a pause. Think of yourself, standing infront of a person, from your known who uses very bad words maximum time.

Again, think of a person from your known who is very polite and generous with his or her words.

With whom would you like to spend your hours. Answer is pretty obvious, 2nd one.

A merciful word can give us hope to live this life. On the other hand harsh words can do endless harm to our lives.

I want you to not to imagine about anyone else, that yes he should use his words wisely. Instead, we are working on our own words.

Well, it is better to be silent when you think that you can damage the situation. Practice practice practice….till the time it will become a habit.

There is a self healing power with in us. This power starts working when we remain silent.

If you are using your words wisely that means you are self- disciplined, self- esteemed and a wise person.

Don’t choose to speak when you are in another wrong zone. You can say anger, hurt or stress one zone.

I remember a marvelous saying of Mahatma Gandhi.

Don’t say bad. Don’t see bad. Don’t listen bad.

That’s the solution of many problems.

Love love ❤️❤️.


  1. Mohamad Toutounji · April 14, 2020

    Couldn’t agree more with you

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  2. Kim Petitt · April 15, 2020

    The words we speak can leave a huge impact either good or bad. It’s important to choose them wisely. God tell us in His Word that the tongue has incredible power.

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  3. Shivaansh Sharma · April 15, 2020

    Nicely written 👌

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  4. jaayrays · April 19, 2020


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  5. GreenRideBikers · April 25, 2020


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