Nine tips to conquer OVERTHINKING..

Choose your favorite pointers.

Thinking about something too much for too long. It is a mad habit ritual of having damaging beliefs.

It welcomes depression, anxiety, and painful memories.

Imagine you’ve decorated your house with lighting and you forgot to switch on the main switch. The same thing we’re doing here. God has given us this life of lights and we’re becoming lazy enough to switch on the main plug.

We love to dwell in a continuous cycle of past and future. Do you know the interesting part? We can’t change our past and future by merely thinking about it.

If you’re aware of your overthinking that means you’ve already taken your first step to change this mad habit pattern. So here we go… The super nine tips:

1. Use magical words to stop never-ending thoughts

This never-ending thinking goes on and on no matter what. I use this technique personally. So the technique is, First I observe my thoughts instead of dwelling in it, give it a break, and says “STOP” to my mind again and again till thought vanishes. I am practicing this technique for 3 years. Trust me I have improved myself. You can choose your own magic words like ” IGNORE”, “LET GO”, etc.

2. Don’t make your own perceptions-

We think that we can read minds. You see we try to assume about another person by just looking at their faces. We try to take out our own assumptions. We need to give some time to that person. Then after you spend some time take your decision that you like them or not.

3. You can’t change your Past or Future by mere thinking

To change the past deeds you need to accept your present wholeheartedly. To change your future you need to work on your Present.

4. Takeout “should” and “but” words from your mind dictionary

We try to change everything by adding these words ‘should’ and ‘but’. Let me give you some examples.

  • The world shouldn’t be like this.
  • I should’ve done this but I didn’t .

5. Jot down

This one is very effective. Whenever you think that you’ve given many thoughts to some point then it is better to think with a pen and paper. Jot down all your thoughts and all the possible solutions. Close your diary and keep it somewhere locked. After one day or two open your diary and tick βœ”οΈthe possible solution.

6. Set time limit

Unless thinking is your favorite pastime you need to set a timer for it. Let’s try to keep it healthy. You’ll be in need of an alarm clock. You just promise yourself that I am going to give 15 min. , 30 min., 2 hours or whatever to this thought. After the time is over you have to stand up and live your life.

7. Look at the wider picture

You might be thinking about money, health, and relations. You need to see a big picture. Your thinking can’t make any change. Your action can definitely make changes. Run your body instead of running your mind. Make sure your actions are fruitful.

8. Your assumptions aren’t reality most of the time

Just because we believe in something doesn’t mean it is always right. In fact most of the time it is wrong. We try to give a picture to something in our own imagination. We try to predict everything. Stop living in assumptions right now. We will see what will come. Don’t worry.

9. Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing, meditation, music, prayer, massage, exercise, self care, etc.

Nobody cares what we are thinking. If you really care a little bit about yourself then stop overthinking before it harms you.


  1. Prakaash inspiration · April 28, 2020

    Nice post

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  2. endorsum · April 28, 2020

    bello! πŸ˜€

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  3. Graymand · April 29, 2020

    Nice pointers. Thanks for the tips ❀

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  4. jaayrays · April 29, 2020

    Nice tipsπŸ‘

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  5. Anya Abraham · April 30, 2020

    Those are some great points! Now that we have all the time in the world, it’s easy to slip into a space where we replay a lot of things in our minds and brood over it

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    • ipsa2 · April 30, 2020

      Thank you for the review. Yes you are right. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  6. Vanshul Rathore · May 27, 2020

    Setting a β€œtime-limit” is one of the most unique method I have read to overcome over-thinking. Worth a try!
    Great post.


  7. Anjali , RBWF · May 31, 2020

    Nice post and nice tips πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸΌ


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