How to be happy?πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Hello friends, How are you doing? Well, I hope you all are safe and sound at your home.

Today’s topic is one of my favourite.

We all want this one thing. That’s happiness.

Whatever we are doing today is for the sake of our happiness or for the happiness of other’s.

Being always happy is not a rocket science. It is a habit to be practiced daily.

Following are the 14 point that I would like to share with you to stay happy:

1. Forgive yourself- No matter how much big mistake you have committed. That’s perfectly fine. You are a human being. Have some experience from your mistake and don’t comit that mistake again ever.

2. Forgive others- Same way you can commit mistake, they can also do the same. If the other person is feeling sorry, so it is my humble request to give sorry to them. Trust them again. On the other hand, if the other person is not even realising it’s mistake then also forgive them for your own sake. You are hurting yourself only by keeping grudges against other person.

3. Exercise- Exercise is the best way to take care of your body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind will leads to a healthy person.

4. Read books- Books can be your really good friend. Read the book which make you feel read more. Comic, Novel, Spritual one, Fashion magazine, motivational books, any book you desire.

5. Social life- It is good to have a healthy social life. Express your point of views. Make some good friends to feel alive again.

6. Help others- Helping others is a feeling of being blessed. Give water to a thirsty person and see the magic on your face.

7. Meditate- Every one knows that happiness is inside. If you want to feel the touch of inner happiness, kindly develop this habit of meditation.

8. Music- Turn your favourite music on and zooby dooby doo.

9. Stop complaining- The people who complain about others are those who always try to point out the mistake in others. No one is perfect. So, kindly stop complaining now. And you know what this is for our own good.

10. Have goals- Imagine you are walking on road and you don’t know where to go. You will be lost then. Similarly, you should know where you are going in your life as well. Some short term or long term goals are needed.

11. Connect with nature- Love your plants. Have a small walk in garden.

12. Dance like no one is watching- Lock yourself in a room. Start your favourite song. Increase the volume. Dance like a mad person. This one is my personal favourite 😍.

13. Laugh until you cry – Watch laughter shows. Don’t think too much. Just laugh.

14. Gratitude- Last but not least, be thankful for what you have. Don’t give a dam to what you don’t have. As simple as that. You are much better than worst. Love your life and be thankful.

Lots of love to all my friends there.

Should we learn to say ”NO” ?

Hello spectacular readers. Hope you all are praying to God to settle down every thing πŸ™ like before. I am praying too.

Well, we are going to discuss a very bold topic today. That is, Should we learn to say”NO” ?

Before keeping my point of view.. Let me ask you to imagine something. Just imagine.. What could have been happened, if one world class athletic was not able to say ”NO” to his parents for doing engineering. Also, if a doctor was not able to say ”NO” to his friends for partying.

Ofcourse, we need abundance of courage to do so.

Saying ”NO” is a skill that needs to be practiced a lot.

Saying No is difficult for those persons who keep others before themselves.

Let me remind you. We came in this world alone, we are going to leave this world alone. Ofcourse there are many people who are accompanying us in this beautiful journey of life.

Let them know that you really admire them, love them and care for them. But-big-but, your first priority should be you. Yes I am asking you 😊 to be selfish. There is nothing wrong to be a selfish person unless you are not harming anyone physically.

Let me remind you one more thing. GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

So, YES in my opinion it is totally spectacular to follow your ❀️ heart and say NO to your opponent.

Lots of good wishes to all my readers and friends…..

”Girl to Woman”

I have seen many strong women in my life. No doubt they take their own stand. No doubt they remain confident. No doubt they are not afraid from any one or any thing. But, what about those women who sacrifice their life for others. It is not bad to sacrifice for others. But if that sacrifice becomes biggest suffocation of your life then there is something which needs to be changed. This blog is dedicated to all those women who are standing there and doing beyond their limitations.

BIRTH: When a baby girl takes birth, it should be a moment of pride and happiness. But unfortunately, there are such families in society who keep wishing the parent that ‘Don’t worry next time you’ll give birth to a baby boy’. There are families in which they cry, feel low and depressed when a girl take birth. Well, I know why are they doing it. They might be thinking that they will give money for her studies, collect money for her marriage and one day she will be gone to her husband’s house. Also, the story will not end there they need to give money on some occasions even after her marriage.

I really want to ask these parents, Realllllllllyyyyyy?????????

Do you really think so? Can these parents give guarantee to us that their son will not take the money after marriage. Can these parents give us guarantee that their son will remain with them even after marriage. No there is no such guarantee. But yes, I can give guarantee that a daughter will not be able to have her lunch if she knows that her parents are sitting hungry. No matter wherever she will be, she will be fully concerned with you. A daughter is a blessing. Very few people can understand it. Just imagine the pain that a daughter will feel when she will get to know that her parents did not want to give her the birth.

YOUNG: Don’t worry she will not take your money. Just inform her once that you can’t afford or you are not interested to spend money on her. Trust me she will take out her own ways. You know what? There are few parents who think that their daughter is their own property. Whenever they want they can ask her to do. Excuse me! You are mistaken. Don’t hold them. Don’t tie their wings. Don’t keep them inside four walls. Let her fly. Let her talk with whomsoever she wants to. Let her have her own experiences. You must understand the difference between caring and suffocating someone. Now, the only thing that she wants is to know the difference between good and bad. Don’t push her into anything.

Adult: She is having full rights to choose her own career. She is having full rights to choose her own life partner. Why are they interfering? As above, these people will not guarantee you that the boy they have selected for her girl will keep her happy for her whole life. But yes, if you give option to a girl to select a boy of her own choice or give her option to choose the career of her own choice, then she will not regret. If she will be happy…she’ll be happy. If she will not be happy then it is her own destiny. At least she will not blame you. Let them fly. Let them have fun. Let them have more confidence that the world will admire.

Woman: She is doing every thing for every one. She is living for others. She tries her best to make other person happy. What she gets in return? There are very few families who give respect to a woman in their family. In others they are just blaming her. A woman is not a servant of your house. She has full rights to take decision. She has full rights to keep her wishes in front of the family. If you can’t respect a woman, you have no right to be obeyed in society.

Conclusion: A girl should be treated as important as a boy in a family. We should let her fly with her wings. Don’t cut her wings. Let her have her own experiences. One day when she will be mature enough, she will be very thankful to you. She deserves love and respect in society.

Lots of Respect to all the women.