A Calm Day

Before I lost the tranquility of my morning I want to share the bliss that I can able to feel in my inner world.

Sometimes doing nothing is doing everything. Just do nothing till the time you can hear your inner voice of compassion. Dwell in your past and try to remember the moments of your tranquility. Can you recollect the days when your heart was joyous enough to let go of all your dilemmas. Try to live those moments again. Try to bring those moments for your present and forthcoming.

My days were just flying in front of my sights till today morning. Sundays are coming and going so quickly. The speed of my life was fast. I even wasn’t able to remember the days I had to see my phone to know the day and date. I wanted to control the speed of my life.

Yesterday noon I realized I want to take one day off from my office. I gave a message to my boss that I won’t be able to come to the office tomorrow. My yesterday was passed as usual- with full-on speed and mood swings. I turned my phone on silent mode, didn’t bother to put my phone on charging, turn off my alarm, and slept as per my daily schedule.

Today I woke up at 10’o clock in the morning. I was able to feel the relaxation on the skin. What a lovely morning. I performed the morning rituals and start wondering when did last time I was able to feel the same tranquility in my day. My brain started dwelling on my past. Then this deep breathing started coming in. I realized the same feeling was being felt by me in my past too. This same feeling of calmness, relaxed mind was there in my past also.

I remember!!!! Oh yes!! It was twice – once when I was living with my mother and brother in Noida. Also, when I was living with my best friend Niyati in Delhi.

Oh, God! How far I have reached!! till today I was trying to relax my days by going on vacations and listening to music and whatnot. But actually, I was relaxed when I was living my life with those people who accepted me as I am. Who did not want to change me or continuously telling me what is wrong and what is right. They were enjoying my company by letting me who I am in real.

If you have people in your life who accept you as you are then you are Blessed. I knew that no matter what I do, how many big mistakes I may commit they will forgive me, love me, and accept me as I am. My love for them is never-ending.

This morning too I tried to follow the same routine of relaxation I used to do with them. I made myself breakfast 🍞, grab a cup of coffee, and started writing this note.

In the end, I would love to let out that no matter how the circumstance may be just dwell in your past and try to find out your bliss moments and try to live that again.

It is good to re-live some instants which make you Feel the actual YOU.