Why do I doubt my decisions?

I am going to write this blog just like I am writing my Diary.

My mind is not calm, fast heartbeats just like a horse running in an open field can barely breathe. There are so many questions in my brain and the funniest thing is I know the answers to all my questions. Then!!! Where is the confusion? Confusion is I am afraid to accept these answers, I am afraid to live a life suggested by these answers. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

The good part to know your strengths is you can enjoy your strengths.

The good part to know your weaknesses is at least you know them. Many people die without even realize that they could have done better.

Who decides what is wrong and what is right??? People!

Can People be wrong??? Yes!

What if we let our whole life just pass according to the rules and regulations set by others?

Here, people decide whether I would be happy or sad, successful or not, good or bad, brave or coward, etc.

The only things which I decide are: Am I hungry or not! Am I feeling the pain or not! My heart is beating or not! So all the involuntary actions are actually in my control or can we say in the control of our subconscious mind.

Otherwise, those decisions that are taken by Actual Me are nothing but the influence of other people in my life.

Think of your body as a Palace. Where there is a Palace there is a throne. Can you see who is sitting on that throne? I can see my subconscious mind, which is relishing its power.

The subconscious mind sits on the throne because he only does what he is processed to after the training of long long life. He never changes its decision according to the sweet talks of people. You can not fool it. It does not ask questions, like HOW? WHY? WHAT? . It just does work according to the data which is already in there. Yes, we can train our subconscious mind, but it too takes a lot of effort.

Well, as I told you I have all the answers of my questions:

1. What is the ultimate goal of life?

Ans. Enlightenment

2. Why are we working so hard?

Ans. To get happiness

3. How to keep your body healthy?

Ans. Yog

4. How to keep your mind Healthy?

Ans. Meditation

5. How to attain enlightenment?

Ans. Meditation

6. How to get happiness?

Ans. By helping others and be mentally strong

7. Why do hard work to earn money?

Ans. To give a comfortable life to our family members and ourselves.

8. Why have a comfortable life?

Ans. So that we must focus on our ultimate goal and not on issues.

If I try to achieve all this with the help of my subconscious mind then I’ll be failed time and again. The reason is very simple, every voluntary thing going to take the help of the conscious mind and that’s in the hand of influencers – other people. The conscious mind is merely a servant of the outer world, which is constantly changing in the mini twinklings. I have to take the help of my subconscious mind. I can achieve anything if I do it. But it has to be trained.

I have to learn it – To conquer me.