To whom we should respect?

Hey, it has been a long that I am writing here.

I face problems showing respect who don’t respect me back. Is it ok?

Are there any standards to select the persons we should respect?

The above questions were in my head for a long time.

I came up with self-realization today.

And the answer is- It is not about the person. It is about the values he carries, the work he does, the struggles he overcomes from, the hard work he puts in, and the list may go on.

So, the next time your heart asks to respect someone and your ego is denying try to show respect – if not to the person then to the values mentioned above.

It’s wonderful!!! Isn’t it????

I have used ‘he’ in general. It can be ‘she’ if you read so.😊

Thank you for reading me. It’s always great to talk when somebody is listening that calmly.

A Calm Day

Before I lost the tranquility of my morning I want to share the bliss that I can able to feel in my inner world.

Sometimes doing nothing is doing everything. Just do nothing till the time you can hear your inner voice of compassion. Dwell in your past and try to remember the moments of your tranquility. Can you recollect the days when your heart was joyous enough to let go of all your dilemmas. Try to live those moments again. Try to bring those moments for your present and forthcoming.

My days were just flying in front of my sights till today morning. Sundays are coming and going so quickly. The speed of my life was fast. I even wasn’t able to remember the days I had to see my phone to know the day and date. I wanted to control the speed of my life.

Yesterday noon I realized I want to take one day off from my office. I gave a message to my boss that I won’t be able to come to the office tomorrow. My yesterday was passed as usual- with full-on speed and mood swings. I turned my phone on silent mode, didn’t bother to put my phone on charging, turn off my alarm, and slept as per my daily schedule.

Today I woke up at 10’o clock in the morning. I was able to feel the relaxation on the skin. What a lovely morning. I performed the morning rituals and start wondering when did last time I was able to feel the same tranquility in my day. My brain started dwelling on my past. Then this deep breathing started coming in. I realized the same feeling was being felt by me in my past too. This same feeling of calmness, relaxed mind was there in my past also.

I remember!!!! Oh yes!! It was twice – once when I was living with my mother and brother in Noida. Also, when I was living with my best friend Niyati in Delhi.

Oh, God! How far I have reached!! till today I was trying to relax my days by going on vacations and listening to music and whatnot. But actually, I was relaxed when I was living my life with those people who accepted me as I am. Who did not want to change me or continuously telling me what is wrong and what is right. They were enjoying my company by letting me who I am in real.

If you have people in your life who accept you as you are then you are Blessed. I knew that no matter what I do, how many big mistakes I may commit they will forgive me, love me, and accept me as I am. My love for them is never-ending.

This morning too I tried to follow the same routine of relaxation I used to do with them. I made myself breakfast 🍞, grab a cup of coffee, and started writing this note.

In the end, I would love to let out that no matter how the circumstance may be just dwell in your past and try to find out your bliss moments and try to live that again.

It is good to re-live some instants which make you Feel the actual YOU.

Why do I doubt my decisions?

I am going to write this blog just like I am writing my Diary.

My mind is not calm, fast heartbeats just like a horse running in an open field can barely breathe. There are so many questions in my brain and the funniest thing is I know the answers to all my questions. Then!!! Where is the confusion? Confusion is I am afraid to accept these answers, I am afraid to live a life suggested by these answers. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

The good part to know your strengths is you can enjoy your strengths.

The good part to know your weaknesses is at least you know them. Many people die without even realize that they could have done better.

Who decides what is wrong and what is right??? People!

Can People be wrong??? Yes!

What if we let our whole life just pass according to the rules and regulations set by others?

Here, people decide whether I would be happy or sad, successful or not, good or bad, brave or coward, etc.

The only things which I decide are: Am I hungry or not! Am I feeling the pain or not! My heart is beating or not! So all the involuntary actions are actually in my control or can we say in the control of our subconscious mind.

Otherwise, those decisions that are taken by Actual Me are nothing but the influence of other people in my life.

Think of your body as a Palace. Where there is a Palace there is a throne. Can you see who is sitting on that throne? I can see my subconscious mind, which is relishing its power.

The subconscious mind sits on the throne because he only does what he is processed to after the training of long long life. He never changes its decision according to the sweet talks of people. You can not fool it. It does not ask questions, like HOW? WHY? WHAT? . It just does work according to the data which is already in there. Yes, we can train our subconscious mind, but it too takes a lot of effort.

Well, as I told you I have all the answers of my questions:

1. What is the ultimate goal of life?

Ans. Enlightenment

2. Why are we working so hard?

Ans. To get happiness

3. How to keep your body healthy?

Ans. Yog

4. How to keep your mind Healthy?

Ans. Meditation

5. How to attain enlightenment?

Ans. Meditation

6. How to get happiness?

Ans. By helping others and be mentally strong

7. Why do hard work to earn money?

Ans. To give a comfortable life to our family members and ourselves.

8. Why have a comfortable life?

Ans. So that we must focus on our ultimate goal and not on issues.

If I try to achieve all this with the help of my subconscious mind then I’ll be failed time and again. The reason is very simple, every voluntary thing going to take the help of the conscious mind and that’s in the hand of influencers – other people. The conscious mind is merely a servant of the outer world, which is constantly changing in the mini twinklings. I have to take the help of my subconscious mind. I can achieve anything if I do it. But it has to be trained.

I have to learn it – To conquer me.


If a person, let say Mr. X wants that the world should 🌎 follow him….respect him….Then he has to make his image like that….

His lifestyle should speak his wish to be followed and not his words..if you demand the world to love you then this type of love is of no use… There is no fun to beg for getting respect… Real satisfaction is when….you say a lot without even saying anything…THINK ABOUT IT…ONCE

It is common to speak just for the sake of speaking…what really matters is … How much we are really doing it…

Ask yourself, do you really deserve to be loved or followed?

Your way of dealing with situations…your way of answering…your way of reacting…is it attracting people or repelling them?????


Nine tips to conquer OVERTHINKING..

Choose your favorite pointers.

Thinking about something too much for too long. It is a mad habit ritual of having damaging beliefs.

It welcomes depression, anxiety, and painful memories.

Imagine you’ve decorated your house with lighting and you forgot to switch on the main switch. The same thing we’re doing here. God has given us this life of lights and we’re becoming lazy enough to switch on the main plug.

We love to dwell in a continuous cycle of past and future. Do you know the interesting part? We can’t change our past and future by merely thinking about it.

If you’re aware of your overthinking that means you’ve already taken your first step to change this mad habit pattern. So here we go… The super nine tips:

1. Use magical words to stop never-ending thoughts

This never-ending thinking goes on and on no matter what. I use this technique personally. So the technique is, First I observe my thoughts instead of dwelling in it, give it a break, and says “STOP” to my mind again and again till thought vanishes. I am practicing this technique for 3 years. Trust me I have improved myself. You can choose your own magic words like ” IGNORE”, “LET GO”, etc.

2. Don’t make your own perceptions-

We think that we can read minds. You see we try to assume about another person by just looking at their faces. We try to take out our own assumptions. We need to give some time to that person. Then after you spend some time take your decision that you like them or not.

3. You can’t change your Past or Future by mere thinking

To change the past deeds you need to accept your present wholeheartedly. To change your future you need to work on your Present.

4. Takeout “should” and “but” words from your mind dictionary

We try to change everything by adding these words ‘should’ and ‘but’. Let me give you some examples.

  • The world shouldn’t be like this.
  • I should’ve done this but I didn’t .

5. Jot down

This one is very effective. Whenever you think that you’ve given many thoughts to some point then it is better to think with a pen and paper. Jot down all your thoughts and all the possible solutions. Close your diary and keep it somewhere locked. After one day or two open your diary and tick βœ”οΈthe possible solution.

6. Set time limit

Unless thinking is your favorite pastime you need to set a timer for it. Let’s try to keep it healthy. You’ll be in need of an alarm clock. You just promise yourself that I am going to give 15 min. , 30 min., 2 hours or whatever to this thought. After the time is over you have to stand up and live your life.

7. Look at the wider picture

You might be thinking about money, health, and relations. You need to see a big picture. Your thinking can’t make any change. Your action can definitely make changes. Run your body instead of running your mind. Make sure your actions are fruitful.

8. Your assumptions aren’t reality most of the time

Just because we believe in something doesn’t mean it is always right. In fact most of the time it is wrong. We try to give a picture to something in our own imagination. We try to predict everything. Stop living in assumptions right now. We will see what will come. Don’t worry.

9. Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing, meditation, music, prayer, massage, exercise, self care, etc.

Nobody cares what we are thinking. If you really care a little bit about yourself then stop overthinking before it harms you.


Thank you so much lifetubeblog πŸ‘† for nominating me for this award. I’m glad to be nominated for the very first time.


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My answers to questions :

1. How would you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Ans. I am dedicated to my writing passion. I live to write or I write to live is one of the same things. I do the job in a school as well. I’ve promised myself to write daily at noon after having my lunch and night before I go to bed.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

Ans. I love to listen to motivational speakers, meditate, exercise and watch movies.

3. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Ans. To learn technical things. Just like what is domain, hosting and so many.

4. Some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

When I was young, all of my family members used to call me a fairy just because I tend to solve everyone’s problems. Basically my strengths are :

1. I can motivate others.

2. My nature of helping others.

3. My dream to become a full-time blogger and No. 1 Motivational speaker one day.

5. Name your favorite blogger.

Ans. Well My favorite one is Sister Shivani. She isn’t a blogger but her videos on YouTube give me strength.

A big thanks direct from my heart to Lifetube to nominate me

How to be more “Fun”? People would love to be around you..

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

Ability to make someone laugh is a blessing.

We all have five senses. To hear, to taste, to see, to feel, to smell.

There is one more splendid sense which we call sixth sense, that is, A sense of Humor. This sense of humor will help you to know when, how and where to crack your jokes.

The moment we are laughing and happy we release dopamine.

There is one interesting fact, that women release more dopamine than men.

If you’re able to make someone laugh that means you’re building trust in the heart ❀️ πŸ’˜ of that person.

There are some exceptions as well. Such as, we shouldn’t laugh at religious events, funerals, working hours, in front of your in-laws(at least in my caseπŸ˜‰.) I am very obedient in front of them πŸ˜….

As I told you earlier that we need a sense of humor to make someone laugh. I would like to add two more things.

  • You shouldn’t overdose it. Laughing all the time without any reason is a sign of being stupid 😏. Sprinkle it like salt, little-little will be appreciable.
  • Never laugh at someone’s weaknesses, which they can’t change. That’s the sign of being mean. We’ve to be sensible.

Here are some 8 πŸ’‘ ideas to be the best laughter person in the room.

  • Be a good observer. Observe the situation and give your hit.
  • Don’t think too much πŸ€” before you make someone laugh.
  • Watch lots of laughter shows.
  • Learn one-liner. (Jokes)
  • Be real.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself first.
  • Surprise with unexpected extraordinary dialogue.
  • Work on your body language. Don’t be stiff. Feel relaxed.

Relax and laugh friends. We only live once. Don’t die daily. Don’t have a constipation smile. Laugh like a mad person. Don’t worry no one will charge you for this.

I really enjoyed writing this blog. I myself learned a lot after reading my blog again πŸ˜†.

Stay 🀣 laughing. Love you, READERS!

Here are some of the Jokes for you just for the sake of your smile.

Why did the bee marry? He’s finally found his honey.

Dentist: “You need a crown.”.                   Patient: ” Finally someone who understands me.”

Why are eggs not very much into jokes? Because they could crack up.

Wear your CONFIDENCE like a PRO… 10 – Tips..

Do you know “Confidence” word comes from the Latin word fidere which means “to trust”.

Now, How many of us have trust in ourselves? I guess, most of us do have trust in ourselves.

But, if there is any possibility that sometimes we tend to lack in confidence. So, don’t you be worried about it my friend.

Confidence is very essential for social life and career.

Before I share some of the strategies, I’d love to mention some of the reasons for not having more confidence. It can be criticism from friends, family, clothes, body shaming, the loneliness or maybe other.

Your future is in your hands. There is no one like you. It is your own responsibility to overcome these situations. It depends on our mental state.

Let us take an oath together. No matter what, I love my self.

You deserve a beautiful life.

With this note, I’m going to present 10 mind-blowing tips and you promise me to follow these until you start flying in confidence.

1. Fill your life with full of positive affirmations. Your phone, laptop, bedroom, don’t forget your bathroom. Lol!

2. Think that you know more than the other person standing next to you. Even if you don’t know, just pretend that you know. It is okay to fake it until we make it.πŸ˜‰

3. Related to the above point, never stop learning. Be the master of your field. There should be nothing which you don’t know about your field. Of course, it will take time. Take your time to learn, learn and learn.

4. Do positive self-talks. Always use these phrases while talking to yourself.

  • I can do it.
  • This is easy.
  • I love my work.
  • It’s okay if I did something bad.
  • I ‘ll take care next time.
  • I just need to practice it.
  • I ‘ll figure it out soon.
  • I m worth it.

5. Work on your body language. Walk like a pro. Shoulders straight, chin up, carry a smile, calm nature and here you go flying.

6. Be comfortable in your skin. You are one of your own kind. You have something special inside you. Another person can’t determine you value. Say to yourself. I value my body.

7. Related to the above point. Do exercise daily to remain fit. πŸƒ 🏊

8. Don’t be a people pleaser. You can’t make another person happy all the time. Let go. That’s it. Be you and be in you.

9. Learn to say “no”. I have written a blog on this topic. You may read that too.

10. Confidence will never enter your body unless you don’t let go of the fear inside you. Throw this fear out from your window of the room after squeezing it in your palm. πŸ‘‹

Repeat after me:

  • I am my first priority.
  • I am confident.
  • I am kind.
  • I am full of love.
  • I am special.
  • I am the best version of myself.

I am sending lots of positive vibes, to my readers through my prayer.

Love ❀️ love…

Choose your words wiselyπŸ™‹

Speaking of words. Words have the power to reveal our identity. It shows who we actually are?

Give it a pause. Think of yourself, standing infront of a person, from your known who uses very bad words maximum time.

Again, think of a person from your known who is very polite and generous with his or her words.

With whom would you like to spend your hours. Answer is pretty obvious, 2nd one.

A merciful word can give us hope to live this life. On the other hand harsh words can do endless harm to our lives.

I want you to not to imagine about anyone else, that yes he should use his words wisely. Instead, we are working on our own words.

Well, it is better to be silent when you think that you can damage the situation. Practice practice practice….till the time it will become a habit.

There is a self healing power with in us. This power starts working when we remain silent.

If you are using your words wisely that means you are self- disciplined, self- esteemed and a wise person.

Don’t choose to speak when you are in another wrong zone. You can say anger, hurt or stress one zone.

I remember a marvelous saying of Mahatma Gandhi.

Don’t say bad. Don’t see bad. Don’t listen bad.

That’s the solution of many problems.

Love love ❀️❀️.